This semester, I chose to participate in an international organization called OU Cousins. The concept of this is fairly simple: since international students said they didn’t interact with OU students as much as they hoped, the program pairs an international student with a student from OU. Going into the event where we get paired, I was really excited to meet someone and show them more about the campus that I fell in love with. I was hoping to get matched with a French student because I wanted them to be more comfortable around me since they could speak in French as well as English. That way, we could still converse effectively, and I would be able to teach them more about the English language. What I got is exactly what I had hoped for. My OU Cousin, Jordan, is a French student that goes to school at the same school my mom did and that is actually about 1.5 hours away from where my mom was born and raised. In fact, he went through the same program that my mom went through when she came here as a foreign exchange student. I really got to know Jordan’s personality, and he is an extremely genuine and funny person. We bonded over our love of movies (he loves Quentin Tarantino, while I’m more of a Ferris Bueller fan), and we have hung out multiple times over the course of the semester. I’m extremely blessed to have met Jordan through the OU Cousins program, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be going through the program every single semester that I’m here at OU.